Meet our 2021 Jury 

Chandan Chauhan, CEO and Co-Founder, ClockTree Systems Inc.

Chandan Chauhan is an entrepreneur who is passionate about creating technology companies that provide internet services for consumers and enterprises. He is the CEO of, which is focused on technology innovations that make healthcare accessible to all. He has cofounded two other successful internet companies, TalentWise and Intelius. At Microsoft, Mr. Chauhan was a member of the original development team that created Windows, and later he was a key player in creating CarPoint, Microsoft’s first internet application.

I have utmost respect for the nursing profession and am honored to be affiliated with the UW School of Nursing in the advisory board capacity. I look forward to actively participate in the nursing for the 21st century dialog from the perspective of using cutting edge technology for the patient care and the research.


Judy Cooper, Vice President & Secretary, Jane Foundation

Judy Cooper currently serves as the Vice President and Secretary of the Jane Isakson Lea Foundation. Born in Portland, Oregon, she has lived in the Seattle since 1970, enjoying sailboat racing, cruising, gardening vegetables and flowers, learning about Viking history, and traveling. Her background of banking and finance has allowed her to enjoy and make some contributions working in the Scandinavian community and Swedish Club. It is her pleasure to enjoy the community and make a donation of time for everyone’s benefit.






Ann-Charlotte (Lotta)  Gavel Adams, Professor Emerita, and Barbro Osher Endowed Chair Emerita of Swedish Studies, University of Washington, Seattle

Lotta Gavel Adams retired from the University of Washington in 2020 after a 30-year career as Professor of Scandinavian Studies, where she taught courses on Scandinavian Drama and Theatre, Scandinavian Women Writers, and Scandinavian Children’s Literature. At the University of Washington, she also served as Adjunct Professor of Women Studies, European Studies, and Textual Studies.  She is the author and editor of a number of books and articles on Scandinavian literature, with a special focus on Swedish dramatist August Strindberg.

In 2015, she was elected into The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities (Kungl. Vitterhets- Historie och Antikvitets Akademien).  She is a dual citizen of Sweden and the US and resides now permanently in Seattle.




Petra Hilleberg, Honorary Consul of Sweden to Washington and Oregon and President and CEO of Hilleberg the Tentmaker (she/her) 

  Growing up in northern Sweden and alongside the family company gave her both a big passion for the outdoors and a fascination for business. When she was 12 she told her father that she would one day sell tents in the US, and, after graduating from Seattle University in 2000, she did just that: she started the US side of the well-recognized Hilleberg tent company two days after graduation and sold her first tent one day later. She is now the President of Hilleberg, Inc, the US office, President of Hilleberg AB, the Swedish office, as well as the CEO of the Hilleberg Group, where she oversees the operations in Sweden, the US and the factory in Estonia.

In 2012 miss Hilleberg was named an honoree of two prestigious 40 Under 40 awards: the 2012 SGB (Sporting Goods Business) 40 Under 40 Awards by the SportsOneSource Group and the 2012 Puget Sound Business Journal 40 Under 40 Awards. These awards honor outstanding leaders under the age of 40 within the sporting goods industry and in the Puget Sound community, respectively.

Ms. Hilleberg was appointed Honorary Consul of Sweden to Washington and Oregon in May 2019. She works closely with the man y Nordic organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

When not in the outdoors, working or skiing, she trains and competes in dressage with her horses Boogie Woogie and Vilano.


Harold Kawaguchi, Chairman, Stratos Group

Harold Kawaguchi currently serves as the Chairman of the Stratos Group.
He was previously the CEO and co-founder of the Amnis Corporation which
began within Stratos Group and has brought advancements to cell imaging.
Harold, a UW alum with a BA ‘61 and MFA ‘65, is a native of the Pacific
Northwest. His sister is a nurse, and he strongly believes in the value
of nurses and the critical role they play in healthcare. He has spent
his career striving to bring progress to technology in the medical field
and this continues to be a passion of his.





Eric Nelson, Executive Director/CEO, National Nordic Museum (he/him) 

Eric Nelson joined the National Nordic Museum in Seattle as Executive Director/CEO in January 2008. Since that time, he has overseen the expansion of the organization and the development of the new $52.5M National Nordic Museum on Seattle’s working waterfront. As a Napa, California native, he served as Executive Director of the Napa Valley Museum from 1999 to 2007.  Prior to this role, he was Curator of Exhibits and Collections and then Executive Director of the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa for eleven years.

Nelson is a graduate of the prestigious Getty Museum Leadership Institute and holds a Master of Art degree in History and B.A. in History from California State University.  He has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Washington, California State University, Sacramento, and San Francisco State University. He served as the Chair of the California Historic State Capitol Commission and currently is a member of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament, Danish Cultural Frontrunners, and King County 4Culture Heritage Advisory Council. He serves on the Boards of the Swedish Council of America and the Icelandic American Chamber of Commerce. In 2018 President of Finland, Mr. Sauli Niinistö awarded Nelson the  Knight of the Order of the White Rose of Finland, and was named Swedish American of the Year for 2019—a distinction from the Swedish division of the Vasa Order of America . Nelson is was also the recipient of the 2020 Hazelius Medal in Gold, a distinction awarded by the Nordiska Foundation in Stockholm to individuals who have made significant contributions to Swedish cultural heritage. Recent key-note engagements include the Mid-Atlantic Museum Association’s 2019 Building Museums symposium and the Danish Art Foundation’s 2019 Manifesta.

Eric’s father’s family immigrated from Sweden, towards the end of the 19th century. His father’s paternal grandparents Olof Nilsson and Maria Gustafsdotter left their home in Kulleberga, a village in Bosjökloster, Skåne, just south of Västra Ringsjön, and immigrated to the United States (in 1873 and 1881) and settled in Kansas where he changed the family name to Nelson. Eric’s father’s maternal grandparents immigrated to Durango, Colorado in the 1880’s. His great grandfather Lars Magnus Larson (who changed his name to Louis Magnus Naslund) departed from Gräsmark Värmland in 1882. His great grandmother, Christina (Kristina) Marie Nilsson, from the village of Hässjö, close to Härnösand on the high coast also immigrated to Colorado in 1886.


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