Dr. Allyson Burfield, PhD, RN

Specialty: Medication safety, falls, pain

Kristen Childress, ARNP

Specialty: Geriatric primary care

Leslie Everston, ARNP

Specialty: Care coordination, UCLA AD

Dr. Darrell Owens

Darrell Owens, DNP, ACHPN, FAAN, FAAGC

Specialty: Palliative Care

Huda Piruz, PMHNP

Specialty: Geriatric mental health

Dr. Soo Borson, MD

Dr. Soo Borson, MD

Specialty: Dementia-capable health systems

Christina A. Coulter (she/her), PhD, AGPCNP-BC, ARNP

Christina Coulter, PhD, AGPCNP-BC, ARNP

Specialty: Dementia, mood and behavioral management, comprehensive care

Jingyi Li, Ph.D., MN-Ed, BSN, RN, ARNP

Jingyi Li, Ph.D., MN-Ed, BSN, RN, ARNP

Specialty: Long-term care

Emily Ishado, MSW

Specialty: Person-centered care

Chandler J. Lewis (he/him), M.Sc.

Specialty: Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Dr. Tatiana Sadak,


Specialty: Dementia, geriatric mental health, caregiving