Dementia & Palliative Education Network

What’s new in DPEN Research?

DPEN believes in evidence-based best practices in dementia care and for training the next generation of dementia-capable nurses.  We generate evidence through our research.


*NEW* “Building a Dementia-Capable Nursing Workforce”

Vasquez L, Schultz M, Ishado E, Borson S, Sadak T.  (2023). “Building a Dementia-Capable Nursing Workforce.”  Journal of Professional Nursing 46, 31-38.

Learn what undergraduate nursing students want to see in a long-term care clinical training opportunity and how we formed the DPEN Excellence in Long-Term Care externship.

View our research infographic: “Future Nurses: Why Not Dementia Care?”

“A Portrait of Ageism: Worth (More Than) a Thousand Words”

McKiddy S, Belza B, and Primomo J. (2022).  “A Portrait of Ageism: Worth (More Than) a Thousand Words.” Journal of Gerontological Nursing 48(5), 2–4.
Learn about how our words communicate and perpetuate ageism and how to combat it by moving towards person-centered language and thinking.

“Assessing Caregiver Needs”

Borson, S. (2021). Assessing caregiver needs. International Psychogeriatrics, 33(4), 331-334. doi:10.1017/S1041610220003877

Dr. Borson describes and compares two assessment tools for the needs of caregivers of people living with dementia, drawing attention to the benefits of unifying such assessments across sectors.


Sadak T, Borson S.  “Creating the Dementia Palliative Education Network,” presented at the National Symposium for Academic Palliative Care Education and Research, March 2023, Long Beach, CA.

View the slides from the symposium