Student Exchange with Karolinska Institute

This unique partnership was created by former Executive Dean Azita Emami – a dementia researcher, clinician, and expert – who obtained her nursing degree at Karolinska Institute (KI). Due to a common desire to elevate nursing roles in dementia, UW School of Nursing developed a collaboration with Karolinska Institute, a renowned global leader in nursing education for dementia care. In 2022, UW sponsored two undergraduate nursing students to complete their senior practicum at a nursing facility in Stockholm. As part of this partnership, the UW School of Nursing also welcomed international nursing students—Janet Manuh and Wilma Broman—for five-week exchange programs in 2024.

KI Students said:

I feel like it [Sweden’s care] is a little bit more personal over there. The way they approach every resident or every patient is more like how they approach taking care and caring for a family.

I think it’s a great experience that really challenges your thought process in nursing because you have to have a good basis of what nursing is in the States. So, I think there’s a lot of different exposures that we saw that were different and unique in some ways that you wouldn’t see back home, and it’s a way to like build your skill set.

Sweden Visits UW


Wilma, nursing exchange student from Sweden

April 2024.  The UW School of Nursing hosted international exchange BSN student Wilma Broman for a five-week exchange program.  Wilma spent significant time at the Transitional Care Center of Seattle, visited Horizon House, participated in the LTC externship lectures and modules, and presented her observations at the UW Queen Silvia Nursing Award Stewardship Event.  Wilma’s exchange experience provided her with new perspectives and knowledge that will undoubtedly shape her future career in nursing.

View Wilma’s presentation slides


Janet, a nurse exchange student from Sweden

November 2023The UW School of Nursing welcomed international nursing student Janet Manuh for a five-week exchange program.  Janet observed and shadowed clinical staff, administrators, and healthcare students at the UW School of Nursing and related community clinical partner site.  She joined the LTC externship students in their online course, attended an undergraduate nursing course, and completed dementia care modules. Janet was motivated from this experience to pursue a nursing career in the U.S. 

UW Visits Sweden

Two externs, graduate student Sarah McKiddy, and a staff member at the Sturby Nursing Home in Sweden stand outside the facility. Three students at the QSNA Conference in Sweden

May and June 2022.  Recent UW BSN graduates Maya Vrba and John Riley gained invaluable experience during their senior practicum in Stockholm.  This experience was part of a recently established long-term care externship with the esteemed KI, with assignments at the Stureby Nursing Home.  The students engaged with approximately 10 patients daily, forming meaningful connections and providing comprehensive care.  Being immersed in the Swedish healthcare system greatly influenced the students‘ perspectives on the nurse’s role in person-centered care. Their involvement allowed them to not only gain clinical experience but also immerse themselves in Sweden’s innovative values and practices in dementia care.